Javvy - A Cryptocurrency Wallet, Exchange, and ICO

An All-in-one Crypto Experience

  • A Universal Wallet
  • Built-in Decentralized Exchange
  • Quick & Easy Registration
  • Superior User Experience
  • User-friendly Security Focus
  • Numerous Advanced Features

Powered by the Javvy Protocol

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Crypto Wallet



Crypto Future is App-based

  • Users keep control over crypto funds
  • Avoids web-based exchange & wallet pitfalls
  • Supports all major cryptocurrencies/tokens
  • Advanced features (multi-sig & native ICO)
  • User-friendly focus on security
  • On Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, & Linux

Crypto Exchange



“The Easy Button” for Crypto

  • Simplifies the entire “crypto experience”
  • Buy & Sell Crypto with FIAT (national money)
  • Aggregates multiple types of exchanges
  • Verify ID once to trade everything, everywhere
  • No need to register with web-based exchanges
  • AI detects fraud, arbitrage, & trade signals




Javvy Utility Token

  • Hold Javvy tokens for 50% discount on fees
  • Hold Javvy tokens to earn even more JVY tokens


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